Bot Colony

Practice your English in a beautiful videogame world!

Bot Colony

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Make learning English fun, not work

You won't feel like you're studying - you practice listening, reading, understanding, speaking and writing English naturally, as you're playing the game. This makes learning English fun, not work! It's like you’re visiting anEnglish speaking country and interacting with its residents.

Why it’s better

With Play to learnTM you’re not limited to picking between ready-made answers – you say whatever you want in your own words and the game understands. No other software for teaching English does that!

For Who to do What

Play to learnTM is the educational version of the Bot Colony videogame, designed for beginner and intermediate students of English as a second language (ESL). In the game, students practice listening to spoken English and speaking it (so English understanding and conversation skills). Students also practice reading English and writing in English (written English communication).

Practice simple questions, essential in day-to-day conversation

Who lives in the house? When did Masaya come home on Friday? What is your height? What did Ayame tell Masaya then? Where is the house? How do you clean?

Practice asking characters to do things

Practice English verbs by giving commands to robots. You can also teach a robot new commands.

Improve your pronunciacion

As you speak, the text appears as subtitles, just like in a movie. You can check if what the computer understood is what you said. Don't worry about a bad accent - Microsoft Cognitive speech-to-text does an amazing job understanding many accents.

Improve your written English

You can always type instead of speaking. When you type, Play to learnTM will offer you the correct spelling and ask if that's what you meant.

Get immediate feedback

You know if you were understood, because a character will answer back, or do what you asked it to do. No other software offers this kind of interaction.

Learn the English names of objects easily

Just click on an object and ask ‘What is this?’. There are thousands of everyday objects in Bot Colony. You can converse with robots about how an objects fits in everyday life, how it is used, what else you use with it, etc.

Practice being specific

When you want a robot to manipulate a particular object but there are several of that kind, practice identifying the one you meant.

Sharpen your logical thinking and observation

Play to learnTM puzzles (what happened in the house in the last 48 hours?) helps develop a player’s logical thinking. Noticing what objects are out of place and commanding Jimmy to replace them develops a player’s sense of observation.

No one will criticize your mistakes

While a human tutor may eventually get impatient when you keep making mistakes, robots are very patient. You’ll improve your English by playing, at your own pace. Practicing English by playing a videogame is a novel, fun way to learn English, that both adults and children over 12 years of age will enjoy.

Get challenged to learn even more

Trying to complete the game’s achievements will make you play more, and practice more.

Play to Learn™ comes with an expanded tutorial and student guide.

Bot Colony