Bot Colony

1. New Nakagawa City (episode 1 - Intruder)

Nakagawa Robot company moves to Agrihan (aka Bot Colony) on 20 November 2018. Jeff Philips gets the call from Nakagawa on August 30, 2021 [Mission, #56, Part II]. While the training for the mission is not in the book, it takes place in the Intruder episode on August 26 and 27, 2021.

2. Airport (episode 2 - Arrival)

Jeff Philips (or Jennifer Philips) lands in Agrihan on September 2, 2021 at 2:30 PM [Bot Colony, #61] to find the sensors and track down the spy. The spy made his first contact with Nakagawa robots on December 4, 2020, when he landed at the same airport [Arrival, #1]. The spy suceeded in infiltrating Nakagawa by impersonating a geeky Japanese programmer, Harada, who'd been kidnapped and jailed by the North Koreans [Yoon Kim, #4], [Trojan Horse, #8]. Harada - about to have his fingers chopped off - gives his North Korean captors an idea on how to destabilize Bot Colony. This is 'do as people do' - the 5th law of robotics.

3. Oil Rig (episode 3 - Riot)

The spy visits the oil rig on August 5, 2021, when he reprograms the robots with the new rules [Oil Rig, #31]. Jeff Philips, chasing after the spy, lands at the Oil Rig on September 4, 2021. While Jeff manages to save the rig from being blown to pieces, he isn't able to prevent a major oil spill [Archimedes, #86]. The Humanity Test, administered to a captive Jeff Philips, whom the robots suspect of being an android, is a major story addition, made after the book was published in 2010.

4. Sports Center

On August 6, 2021 Kazue Tamayama installs a Touch Sensor on SP19, a squash playing robot. She had previously installed a Smell Sensor on MS-47 Roger in the Armoury.

5. Old Village (episode 4 - Quest)

On Christmas 2020, the spy visits the Old Village, where Shigeru Saito, Nakagawa's CEO, built a temple for his grandfather, Col. Saito. Col. Saitp was killed on Agrihan on July 25, 1945 during a practice bomb run of a B-29 bomber stationed in the neighbouring Tinian. That B-29 was the Enola Gay, the bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945. That B-29 took off from Tinian, an island close to Agrihan. After the 5th law of robotics is programmed on all Nakagawa's robots, they started engageingin human-like activities like playing 3 card Monte, performing circus acts, running pawnbroker shops and bazaars, or dancing flamenco. The infamous Marianas sweatshops are still visible. Old Nakagawa village was a relaxation venue forNakagawa employees, featuring older Japanese architecture.

6. Hotel

The spy checks into the Volcano hotel on January 10.. The hotel serves as his temporary residence until the earthquake of September 2, when Jeff Philips arrives to Bot Colony and checks into the same hotel.


The spy visits the Armory on January 25, 2021, where he learns various details about Nakagawa robots and the island's defences [Armory, #12]. On August 6, Kazue Tamayama installs a smell sensor on MS47 Roger at the Armoury [Smell, #32]. Jeff Philips needs to access the IED disposal field in the Armory on September 4 [Archimedes, #86]

7. Manufacturing

The spy arrives to the Manufacturing Warehouse on August 30 near midnight, riding the robot monorail, in time to witness the theft of the sensors.

Robot Mechanic

The Mechanic robot installs the stolen prototype sensors on DO-02 (domestic robot), MS-02 (military robot), and SP-02 (sports robot) [Installation, #74] who then go on a stimulus binge [Stimulus Quest, #75], [Sensory Fiesta, #80].

General Store

On September 3, Jeff finds out the spy had visited the General Store the day before [General Store, #78].


Jeff Philips has to track down an item that the spy had shipped into the island [Port Call 2, #85]


Jeff Philips chases a container from the Harbour to the Mine. [Crate, #92]


Bot Colony storyboard (from 2007, novel published in 2010)

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